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Presentation Slides Mexico City November 2019 [PDF]

How does US monetary policy affects the rest of the world? This paper provides evidence on how policy actions are transmitted across the glo...

Slides for the 5th Annual Macroprudential Conference: Macroprudential, June 2019 in Eltville [PDF]

We evaluate whether financial conditions can be used to predict risks of recessions and study...

Slides [PDFSlides NBER-NSF SBIES 2019 [PDF] MMCN 2019 Lightning Talk [PDF]

New Draft [PDF], Warwick wp [Link], OFCE wp [Link], CEPR Discussion Paper [Link]

A view often expressed by central banks...

New Draft [PDF] and slides [PDF]

This paper discusses conditions for identification of structural shocks with external instruments in VARs, under partial invertibility. This is a very general con...

Slides [PDF]

Central banks’ decisions are a function of forecasts of macroeconomic fundamentals. Because private sector forecasts may not be aligned to central banks’ forecasts, what markets labe...

June 28, 2016

Download [PDF] [ECB wp Series]

Abstract: Can discretionary increases in government spending stimulate the economy? We answer this question by taking into account both the information flow on fiscal...

Download [PDF] [European Commission Discussion Paper]

Abstract:  This paper studies the joint dynamics of public debt and public deficit in the euro area for the period 1981-2013 and compute proje...

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European Economic Review, Volume 119, October 2019 [Link]

Accepted Draft [PDF] Replica Code [ZIP] Working Paper [CEPR wp]

Article on Vox `The financial origin of the euro area fiscal wound'  [Link]

Billet de blog pour l'OFCE (FR) `L’origine financière de la blessure budgé...

Approved for publication in the forthcoming Economics and Finance Oxford Research Encyclopedia edited by Jonathan Hamilton by Oxford University Press [Warwick wp]

Updated version:
BVARs: Estimation [Oxford Research Encyclopedia] [PDF]
BVARs: Applications [Oxford Re...

[French] La Revue de l’OFCE, January 2018 [Link] [PDF]

[English] La Revue de l’OFCE, September 2018 [Link] 

This article presents some recent theoretical and empirical contributions to the macroeconomic literature that challenge the perfect information hypothesis. By tak...

Download [PDF] [Online Appendix]

Journal of Monetary Economics Volume 90, October 2017, Pages 13-27 [Link]

Abstract: Using a large Bayesian VAR, we approximate the flow of information received by economic agents to investigate the effects of changes to government purcha...

Dowload [JME] [ECB wp] [Appendix]

Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 82, September 2016, Pages 107-118
Bloomberg Quint

Abstract: This paper investigates the influence of fiscal policy communication on the propagation of government spending shocks. We propose a new i...

Nuclear Physics B Volume 845, Issue 2, 11 April 2011, Pages 190-211 [Link]

The AdS/hydrodynamics correspondence provides a 1–1 map between large wavelength features of AdS black branes and conformal fluid flows. In this note we consider boundaries between nonrelativisti...

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